Jeu de rôlede voyage temporel à but réaliste dans lequel les personnages ne peuvent changer le passé. Ils voyagent dans le temps pour étudier l'époque et non la modifier. Le réalisme et la complexité du système de jeu (et en particulier du combat) en font son principal défaut. Il n'est que peu jouable.

Time & Time Again

©  Timeline Limited, par H.N. Voss, W.P. Worzel
TMLT², 1984 LegacyContents
Boite contenant 2 livrets et différentes aides de jeu
Voyage temporel
La boite contient un livret de règles, un livret d'aventure avec 3 scénarii, et des aides de jeu.
Du dos de la boite:
" In Time & Time Again, you can stand beside Napoleon at Borodino, watch the pyramids being raised, journey down the Mississippi with Sam Clemens, travel with Marco Polo to Far Cathay, join the legions and cross the Rubicon. The
Time & Time Again game system features complete rules for character generation and skills with the most realistic combat system, armed and unarmed, ever published. Chapters cover climate, geography, languages, economics, travel, manners and morals, society and culture, technology and more. The physics of Temporal Translation (time travel or T2), are presented in sufficient detail to allow for easy use while preventing a paradox. There are maps and charts, character sheets and three complete scenarios. Just add dice, players and imagination! Welcome to the BTA."

 Holy Warriors

©  Timeline Limited, par Bill Hamblin
TMLJ01, 1985
Livre au format US de 60 pages
Aventures au temps des Croisades
Seul et unique supplément pour T² (le diminutif du jeu). Ce supplément propose aux aventuriers de participer aux croisades et à la mise à sac de la Mecque. Il contient deux scenarii mais également des aides de jeu sur les batailles, l'économie et l'histoire des Croisades, les réligions, la politique, etc.
Du dos de couverture:
" JOIN UP! And Journey to the castle of Assassins in the time of the Crusades. Take ship with a mad Frenchman on a doomed mission to sack the hold city of Mecca. The Voltigeurs of the BTA who take these missions on, must be the best if they are to survive the struggle of
Holy Warriors, TimeLine's first module for Time & Time Again.
This game package contains all of the information, maps and details the Gamemaster needs to run these two scenarios. In addition, detailed historical information of the Crusades and the Medieval Middle East is given so that the GM can develop his or her own Crusader scenarios. Included are sections on warfare, economics, the history of the Crusades, religion, politics and more. Complete maps of the area (including four city maps), tables detailing costs, time of travel, arms and armor and population are all here for the GM's use.
All the glory, pageantry, hope, despair and savagery of the Crusades are here for Voltigeurs who dare."

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